Network Spartanburg Application

Applicant Information

Positions Applying For

Is the Professional Classification you are applying for your primary occupation?
Have you ever been in a business networking group?
Are you now a member of any business networking group?

Personal Information

Are you able and willing to make a commitment to arrive at our weekly meetings on time and stay throughout the meeting?
Are you able and willing to send a substitute if you are unable to attend a meeting?
Are you able and willing to bring referrals and/or visitors to meetings?
Have you ever been convicted of a Felony?

Business References

You will be notified by the Membership  Committee Chairman if your application is accepted. Annual dues of $300 covers the first 12 weeks of meals and your first year of membership. Membership will be $100 per year every year thereafter. Payments will be prorated through the end of the calendar year, made payable to Network Spartanburg, will be due at the next scheduled meeting.

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